Friday, March 11, 2011

I see Jesus every day.

Matthew 25:40 "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

I see Jesus every day in everyone that I meet, everyone that I talk to. Today I saw him in the eyes of a 40-something veteran. He was haggard from being on the streets for who knows how long, his blue eyes accepted the kindness that I have to give him "you're the first person who wasn't scared of me." 

I see him in the man who is too mentally ill to keep himself clean and take care of his diabetes. Kindness is like medicine to them. I show them I care, that I love them and am there to listen and to help. They are somebody's baby, they are God's baby. I love them with all my heart. I cry with them when they are sad. I'm tough on them when they need it. Every day  I pray "Lord, let it be your words...not mine. Let it be your heart...not mine.

I see Jesus all around me, every day and I only hope I'm treating him the way he wants to be treated.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Live love!

Oh what a week it is every week in the life of a Mommy Social worker! So many interesting and shocking things to say but so many hippa protections to block me :) Loving life and what I do so much that I am constantly thanking God and asking him to let the blessings continue. I only hope that I am carrying out his purposes. The main idea I believe he wants me to live out is to LIVE LOVE. With love in our lives we are so much better off. A child with and with out love can turn out worlds different. I choose to love my child and every one around me with all my heart. Romeo is TALKING TO ME!!! He has TWO balloons right now and is very happy! Orange balloon which comes out more like "Boo Oran!" He is so happy and handsome he lights up my every day. Thank goodness for another long weekend with my baby to spend with family and relaxing. Now we are off to make some dinner. I'm thinking homemade Chinese!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hooray for advancement!

Romeo found the joys of playing with a hose today. He was trying to figure out how to turn it on, I did it for him the first time. He was standing on his own tossing the water around with the end of the house. Then he would ask for my hand and we would walk over to the valve. Romeo would turn it off then turn it the other way. He would turn when he heard the sound of the water and run back over to play with the end. He created a mud puddle, fell in it once, then I hosed him off. He's learning and it's so amazing!! In other words I am hating summer nights because I am plagued by allergies :(

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Don't get used to this (me blogging regularly) =)

"He's tall!"

WHAT? My son is tall??? I could not help but smile when a stranger said this to me. We had always heard Romeo was so tiny that it was frightening. Now he's....tall :) Romeo is doing so well. He is so happy and sweet. Well he also has his boy/aggressive side too. He tries to bite both Grandma's when they come over. They must look like pushovers ;) I understand his feelings when he tries to bite people. He knows he should not bite and will probably get in trouble. He puts his teeth around your skin suddenly and very quickly, he looks at you, contemplating whether he should bite you or not. Romeo looks like biting you would relieve his baby frustrations so well. Sometimes he chooses the right thing and sometimes he chooses the wrong thing.... I bite Bear occasionally and suddenly to relieve stress. Romeo must get it from me?

I am so incredibly blessed by my job. I have a career that feels like a ministry, I know have 36 new "friends," every day is different...I love it. Yes, of course there is WAY too much to do, I have yet to take a lunch break and there are times when I would rather sit in my car, staring blankly with my mouth open than help someone through life's struggles BUT...there are bad parts about every job :) The harder I work, the more I get paid and that is just the way I like it!

I am SO excited to take Romeo on his first out of state vacation!!!! And he gets to ride a plane!! He is such a sweet boy. I'm sure he'll love travel just as much as his mommy. This will be my first vacation other than Cedar Point in almost THREE YEARS!!! Wowsa. Thank God that I am still sane. So excited to see family and have a little time off :) Hopefully I don't get too many frantic phone calls while in bama...

Why am I blogging after month's off? Bear has been gone for the night. He does USPA competition shooting every Thursday and then he went to see a friend. Between work, cooking, cleaning, Romeo and Bear I never have a second to myself. Now I do! Me likey :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Then bursting forth in glorious day, up from the grave HE ROSE AGAIN, and as He stands in victory, sin's curse has lost it's grip on me, for I AM HIS and HE IS MINE, bought with the precious blood of Christ :)

Thank you Jesus for giving it all so I may live my life with forgiveness and FREEDOM in You!! Oh, and thank you for the sun today :)

What a beautiful day!! Romeo is taking a mini nap in his swing right now but after that it should be plenty warm enough for us to go on a walk!

My heart is with my family in Texas, I wish so badly that I could be there, but I will enjoy myself here as much as I can. The warm weather with my baby definitely helps ease my sorrow ;)

Today Bear, Romeo and I are going to Frankenmuth to eat the yummy food with Bear's family. I am so excited to take Romeo there, I'm sure he will love walking around, and of course he loves eating good food! Every day is so new and joyful with Romeo around :) Today I am so thankful for my family spread all over the country and for my little boy, my home and my hubby. Jesus thank you for dying for me so that I can live life to its fullest!

Turns out my week next week is jam packed with trainings (which I probably should be thankful to be more prepared) so it looks like I want start of with my caseload until next Monday. I will take in as much knowledge as I can and I am rearing to go! *fingers crossed* Hopefully I can do it!


Friday, March 26, 2010

A Welcome to Opportunity!

Hard to believe but FOUR more teeth are coming in for a grand total of EIGHT now. If nothing else, he has a very advanced mouth! :) I gave him his first haircut the other day. He looks so handsome :)

Bear and Romeo are doing SO good at home together! The house is immaculate and both boys are happy. I'm so proud of them. Coming home to a clean house and Romeo's smiling face, makes for the best day ever, everyday! I realized, while job shadowing yesterday, that I will definitely be praying with out ceasing NO CEASING while on the job. Little me commanding the masses in one of the most dangerous cities I know of. Props to mom this job and this place are CRAZY! I am excited but also questioning if I will have the confidence and the bravery to do well. I know I will in the long run but for this moment I still feel like a baby that should be interning instead of holding my own caseload! I welcome the challenge :) Thank you Jesus for bringing me a real job!
I am off today spending time with momo. He's sleeping now. I wish we could go for a walk but alas MI is still a frozen wasteland :) Maybe next week!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Awe inspring weekend

Bear fixed my iBook!! It was broken out of account that I dropped it one time a couple years ago, but it was an easy fix. I'm very impressed with mac that a 5 year old laptop is still fine to use.

Romeo is a beautiful boy and we have been having SO much fun in the warm weather! Too bad it's cold today :( The other day we had just started a walk down my road when I look up to see a GIANT coyote full tilt sprinting across my neighbors yard!!! It was HUGE, probably the size of a big german sheperd. It was about 15 ft from us running so fast, it didn't even look at us and kept running, across the street, into another houses woods, until I couldn't see it anymore. My jaw literally dropped to the floor and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I had no idea if they're dangerous so I thought, if he looks at me are we going to fight?!??! It was one of the most awesome yet scary moments ever!

In other news, Romeo was drooling a lot last night and Bear said, "maybe he's getting more teeth." I thought...nooo I bet he'll cool it on the teeth for a while. Low and behold I looked in his mouth and you can already see two teeth on the top breaking through! 6 teeth before age 1 he is really not wasting time on making teeth! He still isn't crawling....but oh well lol. Romeo and I are eating breakfast and then off to church for the day, youth group tonight. It is always tons of fun, love the kiddos and Romeo loves the attention!